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At Courtois’ Creations + Boutique we love carrying Dixie Bliss Luxuries. It has helped our family and small business grow in more ways than one. With the profit Dixie Bliss has brought us, it has made it possible for our kids to attend private school. We have also shipped to 48 states with a majority of them being BIG Dixie Bliss fans! ❤ Thank you for being such a wonderful brand to work with!

I have worked with Dixie Bliss for one year now and in that year I not only have done abundantly more in sales a month, but my social media following has also increased drastically! I now have customers from all over the U.S. coming specifically for this amazing earring line!

I didn't carry jewelry in my shop for the longest time because I myself have sensitive ears and everything besides real gold bothers them...except for Dixie! I now have customers that haven't worn jewelry in years, purchasing new earrings from my shop weekly!!

The brand itself is by far the best I have ever worked with, hands down! The efficiency is unparalleled to anything else out there and on top of that, the owner gives tips on how to execute all aspects of your business, week to week. Bringing in Dixie Bliss was the best decision that I have EVER made for my shop. I tell the owner, Naomi, all the time that her business has TRULY saved mine. This has now become 75% of my business, and I don't know what my shop would be without it.

I have yet to see anything else like Dixie on the market! Just all around a wonderful company to work with, and I feel so blessed to not only have found them, but also to get to watch this amazing brand grow, as well!